its time to say good bye to a great gran turismo from porsche that drives with me around vienna about three weeks !!!i bought this V8 porsche with tüv on austrian ebay to use it for a detectivmovie that shows the songwriterscene in the 80ties .
the owner , a musical star , gets horrible letters from a "fanatic" and after weeks of psychical terror he thinks the best way to get out of this life is to crash into a massiv stonewall with his porsche 928 .
the" landshark " crashed with about 70 km/h into the wall and destroyed badly !!! engine and gearbox was broken , the 80 kilogramm dummy collapsed into the steering wheel / dashboard and both doors are closed for ever !!!
would be interested whats with the car when it hits the wall with much more speed , about 140 km/h ?!?