mr. "EMPI-mann" sold the right stuff in the 70's exclusiv for austria here in vienna and named his business like a fashion shop for cars !!!
he closed the shop some years ago , but stores NOS Empi parts at his home...

...thats the place where i got this :

a full and brand new empi c-stripe kit with everything you need to stick it on !!!its now on my girlfriends nissan micra , doesnt fit perfect , but what shalls...
and he gave me more gifts on this sunny afternoon !!!

also a special only for official dealer to wear on shows on the neck-tie
a metal / enamel EMPI badge in NOS condition !!! ( made in japan )

and its hard to believe
but speedwell use the same manufactor in japan
to produce their own neck-tie badge !!!


its easier as it looks !!!
open your window and shot your rolling tire with your digicam !!!
here are some watercooled ones that i drive 2006...
some rhd and a lot of lhd :