4.5 BRM ?

10" - smaler than a beetle drum ?

yep , the real wheel in kiddysize...wuahaaaa...

fixed on one famous reliant robin threewheeler , cheapest funcar ever !!!
a sexy beige "super" version , more power , more style , more...hmmm...i dont know ?!


i am sure , at a lowered rear end its hard for him to get this fun...


mr. james d. from the greenhearts is definitly the burn out king this year !!!

and i think normaly the toiletlady smells other things in her "office"...but someone needs allways the kick in the rear...

aircooled power and fun look here : JG54

TYPE 3 anyone ?

a black 62 notch -
a flat black 66 notch -
a red 63 notch -
the "princess" 66 fasty -
and NO , not the white 61
are for sale .

the 66' notchrod and 66' princess are a litte lower than the 61 - 63 stocknotchers...
detail pics soon when this collection arrived "in da house"


i like cats , red ones ,but not gay ones !!!


i had a lot of fun with the "buscoupe"
(only two doors - it must be coupe!)

on , in , and out

and aftera hard front lowjob
the local classic porsche dealer had enough money to get the legend !!!

STINGAY 427 Laguna Seca aproved !!!

last weekend i raced a silver 4speedfloorshifter fiberglassrocket at a classic car event ! there was nothing , nothing faster than our ex race car from california .
"classic gumball" could be the right name for this trip on normal roads .
427cui , 550hp , 4 speed , BROOOOAAARRRRRRRRRRRRR...
up to the highest mountains around salzburg , between jag's , porsch's , lancias and other race cars . funny that everyhting was slower than the stingaybolt !!!

the vette raced in her earlyer days a lot of race tracks
in and around california . shipped over to austria
this fun has no end !!!

to be the first on the hill - no problem !
356 , 911 , E types , HF lancias , volvo GT...
nice cars - allways a short time in front of us...


100% REAL !!!


the POLIFUCKER leaves the garage to germany long time ago !
but where is it now ?
who knows it ?

sometimes the garage looks like "werk hannover" in the 60ties !

and yes T2D , the white one on the right...


...the 1000 guest at 205-70.com ???

thx for watching since 1st of october and be sure
cars , fun and porn are the monuments of this blog !!!

check the "Oktober 2006" archiv to see all postings since the beginning.

FUN in the park

there are some new "single" parks in vienna !

but something is there forbidden !

and something definitly not !!!
3 minutes for 1 euro - cheap - isnt it ?

3 WHEELS are more than enough !!!

great fun for very small money ! Reliant ROBIN !
bought this "igelkiller" from a friend
and used it for some month to transport my body from A --> B !
4 zylinder engine
850 ccm
40 horsepower
and the best : 398 kilogramm !!!
runs like a beast and wins every race at the traffic light...

3 wheel motion is the standard package and not a airride option !!!
a little bit to fast at the corner and the door handle gets a flater style...
but for the absolutly kick it needs a rear engine !
typical - air for speed = 150 !

after this the local lamborghini dealer wanted "batmans assistant" for his wife !
i told him it would be better to give her a gallardo , because its easier to drive...

than i found another crazy guy who whants the "missingwheel" and this pic was made at the l(f)ast ride to 3wheelers new home...snifff...and NO , its no photoshop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DAS DRAG DAY and no aircooled racer is ready for action ???
no problem !!!
alex , franz-josef , fredi and i took a dealers hemi for traveling to the ddd3 in bitburg / germany.
great fun in this chrysler monster for more than 1000 kilometers !!!
and we know now , the cup holder in the rear is absolutly leak - proof !!!

we know also now that the hemi 300C runs with the luggage of four persons a low 14' !

and last but not least is there a switch on the dashboard , a pedal at the floor and some 18" in the rear to bring a smile in IDA's face !!!

Vienna carshow

alfa romeo presents at the vienna car show nice girls , good food , cold drinks...
...and yes, i got the pic from the camera in the pic ! wuahaaaaaaa...
also fiat presents nice ladys , funny cars and a revival from the legendary "dagmar bumpers" 00/yea...

Vienna Cruise 2006 - the 1st

at the end of september 2006 some guys planed a QUALITY than QUANTITY meeting for veedubs with style !
mr. david conklin from cal-look.com wanted to meet karl holubar during his europe trip . that was the start to organize a small meeting with cars they could get registered at this old school site .
only by phone or e-mail contact the owners of good cars get notice of this saturday afternoon event . they come from all over austria and had a lot of fun !!!

near vienna was the location for lining up bug , ghia , bus , type 3 and a sexy meyers manx !!!

about 50 cars find the place and all are wearing that what a lot of guys have on their wish-list .

bad thing : mr. conklin had big problems getting correct flights to europe and could not be here when all this nice cars are parked under the trees !!!
no problem david , if we all meet us 2007 again , we let you know...

<<<<<<<<<<----engine rear and water to the river---->>>>>>>>>>

IDA 48 & TYPE 3

great deal are personal plates here in austria. nice that i registered two of the sexyest !

between lights...

and between legs...

RED(ical) DASHER 1600 TL

my lotoswhite princess with the devil inside !
this year the rare red dasher fastback parked only in the garage and sleeps well under the dustcover. to buisy to do anything on the highness.
but next season it must be back on the road , faster than ever , and in that unrestored outside condition as it is !!!

nose down <-------------------------------------------------------> ass high


...........................low budget !!!

............................high tech !!!

get payed for DB9 driving !

funny to get money for driving a ASTON MARTIN DB9 volante .
this year i had to create a company where filmproductions get their moviecars . business grows up the last years that this job must be done now !!!
need the DB9 for a TV production witch shows the "problems" of rich people , and had a lot of fun with it ! one of my favorite cars on this set.
we use also :
Maserati 3200 GT, Lamborghini Gallardo , Bentley Flying Spur , Range Rover , Jaguar XKR , Porsche 997 , Chrysler 300 C , Mercedes S , BMW 645 and so on....

but NOT any ferrari !!! red coupes you can rent at petrol stations are not good enough !!! yea , baby...