3000 KILOMETER !!!

i was in menton last week ,
the small town near monaco
where the cox d azur club
allways organizes a fine
veedub meeting !
at the parking place
behind steve mcschlepp
was the action !!!

i know the location where SUPER VW featured a lot of cars !!!

after making my own pics i went to town .
great fun there was to see this wheels at a kiddy circus - plastic sprints ?

and some kilometers later this !!!
a peter k. company car -
from belgium ???

wahhhh , and this was the only one aircooled car i see on my journey , a bus , surferstyle...but what was the reason to go to the south of france ?
this classic saab 900 convertible ?

yessssss , i had to bring this moviecar to the cote a zur , to marseille , gordes , toulon and some other locations in and around the provence . had some nice days there...


automatic could be so easy , but stick(y) shifters are more fun !!!

linda hurst knows this...

...long time before we used our hands for the right thing...

the PAOlisander

fake wood on both sides !
great look now on my nissan PAO , a funny retrobomb born in 1989 .
same basic as a nissan micra / figaro , also 1000ccm but without turbocharger .
hmmm , enginebay looks that there is room for 2.0 power...
no name alloys are fitting well...

but cosmic wheels are also nice...

long time ago i had two of this funnycars , the right one is now in good hands , and in the near future on TV !!!


power from behind and also the correct coloured wheels on this CAR-REAR-A !!!

140 km/h...

...in both directions ???

yessssss , with this fantastic toy from the netherlands !!!with the famous variomatic-system the coupe runs forward the same speed as backward !!!
was great fun to race the DAF at a classic car event with other powerful cars and be allways with them !!!
a car from netherland without a trailer ?
not real , this story gets a happy end...