but not allways !


nice to have some space for cars and other funny stuff !
sometimes ghias...

other time busses...

then some mixed vehicles...or a japanese invasion...

but everytime
something aircooled...

"black week"

and at the first floor there is the testcenter for other airusing collectibles !!!


1969 IRS - pan , N - model squareback
located in styria with some other goodies .whats happend next you can spot here : repair-the-square
and where the 69 gets a update
there starts the story of another N - model barnfind !

PAPARAZEI... the next stuff car for austrian police !
after PORNOZEI for catching illegal filmteams...

...the next genaration
must stop paparazzis
before they photograph
stars in holes...

long time ago this business was clean , safe and the power was in rear