the MOONsun

its done !!!
after collecting a lowmiler japcar 2 door sedan
some month ago and working a little bit on the body ,
the suspension and the technic its on the road again !

the lugpattern at this datsuns are horrible to get cool rims on it but...
...i found out that the smart fourour used the same holes !!!
and after some calls a set 16" alloys from the smart connection was mounted.
hard to believe but they fit exactly under the fender of the datsun 100 AFII !!!
fine , fine , fine , i am lucky with the wheels , the stance and , not with the power ! the racing stripes are a perfect reproduction from a original datsun "c-stripe-kit"

and thats the reason
why i call this toy MOONsun

and for the red brother of moonsun i got a set cosmic wheels from a triumph TR6...
...and thats not all , a set of front and rear axleparts are at a specialist to find out whats the way to get fuchs wheels on one of this datsun legends...


the new iQ is in town !

drives better than the fortwo from smart and in the garage from my phantom i can park two of this funny japs...