W + IDA 48

this personal plate was a birthday present from my girlfriend in 2002
and NO , its not here name and also not her age !!!
its fine for carb user and nothing for fuel injection collectors .
fixed it first on my 480 wintercar...used on some other toys...
fits fantastic on the red(ical)dasher......if its not out for legal burnouts !
and is now back on my other 480 wintercar !

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___________Der Kleine Torpedo volkswagen club is back !!!________
the hardcore crew with some newbies, stronger rules and more activity !


...is a must have
around christmas !!!

hmmmm , for a
are not enough actors...


...from a local volkswagen dealer 1964 and 1965 !!!

a 33-rpm single with songs and best wishes from the boss herself :

--------------------------------- MIMI LIEWERS ------------------------------

one of the rarest volkswagen goodies i have !!!

and one year later a small puzzle with the new type 3 fastback on it
was the nice givaway from AUTOHAUS LIEWERS here in vienna .


...comes with his girlfriend to have a look on a factory black 1962 notch .some weeks later he picked it up !
hope we meet us again and i have a testdrive in the black beauty .

MIAU !!!!!!!

they never give the commando to built beetles , but like to catch bugs !!!"funny" site : http://www.catsthatlooklikehitler.com

in vienna we still have it !
call 122 and they come...

and i know now why we call it german look...


since two weeks
my counter starts
allways at 26181 again !

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