long time ago , at the old garage from a good friend
there are only volkswagen for experts !!!

notch , square and fastbacks from 62 - 69 ,
from dead to perfect ,
any condition was there.
also the lowest type 34 !!!

over the years some show cars where built...

...and also more then 30 type 3's endet there !!!


shit , winter is here !!!
after a sunny and warm dezember this days the snowy saison beginns...

it was Steve McCube's last day outside the garage ,
he comes back when this white shit is gone...
(lowered and with cooooooool wheels)

hmmmm , maybe this ???


where is it gone ?

was there a second number of this mag or was the nr. 1 also the last one ???
ben "wacky racer" bosworth was the editor when the first of this mags in july 1999 hits this planet . a lot of nice pics are inside...

wins another magazine and the skoda driver is now a photograph for another ?

and YES , we are waiting...


hmmm , from where did he get it ?
is there a girl near the garage
without a boyfriend
and bruno has stolen their
last fun ?

or is it one from the bill in the other street ?or did he find my...


B R U U U U U U U U U N O !!!


from the beginning
the rear axle of aircooled volkswagen
are not the best to drive with high speed into a turn
thats why the built the IRS version
for all they life at home
at mothers...!!!...wuahaaaaa...

for all others ,
be carefull and dont
roll over your looker !!!

it was not only a problem in the 50's or 60's , at beetle or bigger volkswagen...

...ähmmmm , NO ! in the 80's ,
exactly 1988 it could also be a problem !!!
i rolled over my first "cal looker"
after a party the night before...
it was a front lowered , dechromed lowmiler ,
front runner s are 14" from a bus
and the rear wheels are from a
1950 splitwindow with 16" ,
also the engine lid and the front bonnet...

i know now , 205-70 in rear , 145's in front , correct stance with enough power ,
and allways a sharp knife on the passenger seat
to cut turns into small straight pieces !!!
........................................................COOLMULLER had it all !!!


and if i get a 4th one in mint / boxed condition , than i sell it !!!

there are a lot of cars in the NON - FALL Mystery BUMP - N - GO serie 1969 :

but the LOVE BUG is definitly the favorite !!!

and one of them was the star at the legendary AMB advert !!!

IDA 48 anyone ???

watch out for boats to get legendary carbs !!!
V8 with four , or V12 with six of this petrolkiller !!! are there any boat-wrecker in town ???

wears the plate - but runs on 45 dellortos !!! yessssssssssssssssss...

DOLLY gots a lot of cloned SISTERS !!!

but this generation
use manipulated brains ,
so they think
their second name
is BUSTER !!!
and there are now
a lot of lucky sheperds...