full speed at the SEMMERING BERGRENNEN on 23. august 08 !
not the best organisation but great fun to race around with friends in their uglyest toys !

took my DAF coupe with this bloody variomatik to run allways full throttle behind the others

the evening before at the hotel was also funny and maybe a little to long for some drivers .

on the way up...great pics from all cars and motorcicles here :
second turn without the legendary "klemmfuchs" ( lost in some sharp curves )


the famous "HILDE" , a 5 lane 1:24 racetrack , built by some guys long time ago , changed the location and parked now in our "livingroom" for great race action and a lot of fun !

on the road...

some wooden parts they......need some screws to find together !
after a big service and a repaint in other colours we can start racing !!!

"LINDE"on "HILDE" , in a few days !!!