for a movie with some pics from the 60ties we need a dark green beetle as a austrian police car .
the only one to use was a red one in the garage . long time ago it was a fire chief car in a advert .
to the paintshop......from the paintshop......and on the set for about 10 sec. action !

912 ??? GT3 ??? RS ???

never !!!
but in one of the best colours you can order...

...when you have black wheels like the orange version... front of the garage !!!

we had great fun at our TTD
( ToyTestDay )
on a racetrack in hungeria !!!


UnitedPornStarSaltRacing , dont ask , sit down , have a look...

the one and only ever built

we had a lot of fun at VW - EURO 2002 in the netherlands

nobody knows anything about the car
and after answering hundret of questions
i sticked on the story inside the window of this one off .

first test when this custom arrived in vienna was to fit 18" new beetle wheels under the fenders !!!a complete story about this one and only coachbuilt volkswagen you can find here , soon...
and only a few guys know where this toy parked now !!!

"LINDE" again !!!

got some photos from a austrian T1-hunter .
he makes pics long time ago from the lindepanel at the garden where i picked it up !!!
he could not believe that "linde" is now the most known shitlooker bus in the world... summer...
...and some month later without leaves on the tree but short time before i was there to take the rustpanel with me !!!


my 1966 fastback with the bloody interior...