...ghia ever !!!yea...


was out for some days in the nirvana of belgium .
great aircooled meeting with great cars , people , dogs and dragracing with legends .

here are some pics - sit down and enjoy...

trainerqueen !
dieser 356 war...
lasershooting out of my headlight
nothing for guys without eggs
runs like hell
green carpet - bioline
signed brasilia - my favorite of the show
better without fuchs !!!
ivan is killing a belgium oppossum
size doesn't matter
1977 ?
nice airfreshener
project 24h rometsch from the mettwurst-foundation
and it runs !!!
our home for four days
better no pic from a black 68 square with...
best of show from denmark
at the evening
with this shit we had some realy nice and funny time !!!
he also...
split in front
smoking tires...

rubbered ...
miss bug in yea !!!
no comment

same as in my garagefrom austria ?

nice oval...
...better split !!! seethrough
correct - the engine is rear !
low for show
nice babe
perfect lowlight
germans are...
snackattack ?
rare bodykit for 411 / 412
my favorite types !
waiting for the green light
now we know where 14" fuchs wheels had to go
SUF - SuspensionUnderFender
the guy was 2,11 meters high
nice kombination
see you next year at chimay to EBI#3 !!!