the rally starts soon ! from 1st to 6th of februar 2008 ,
and allways there , jan skute from norway !!!last year he drove the perfect 1500 S notchback to the fantastic 5th place at the final ranking !!!

it was not the first race for this notch

on snow

trough the night

and crossing towns

allways behind this steeringwheel

good luck for 2008 with # 26 on a aircooled race car !!!


a new website is born ,
a page we need to show all this microcars in the world what we think !!!


this rolling toilets are the biggest shit that got allowed to use our roads .
they built it to get alcoholics back on the road because you need only a small test but no driverlicense to be a barrier for real cars !!!
they are safe like condoms you wear as a helmet at motorcyclingso help us to make this site popular and send pix like this to the following adress :


the name combine the austrian words "trankler" for alcoholic or drunken people and "manta" for the poor mans ferrari produced at opel in rüsselsheim / germany.


...are an expensive feature on a cal look beetle .

but whats with cheap LADA breaks ?
alloy , ribbed , big , and not over than 30 years old !!!

more a product for 4lug hole'rs
but a nice touch to any aircooled volkswagen !!!
the squareback from russia...


i allowed them to use my insignia !!!
got therefore one car for free and one for the half price...


this week i looked at old photo albums !
great to see all the big ghias again that i owned the last years .

all time favorit ,
dont remember where i got it but looks great on western wheels !!!pics from other 34 ghias soon ! i know that i owned two or three more...

GOOD LUCK for 2008

pigs are allways a part of happy new year wishes...cows are definitly NOT !
and be sure , cows are vegetarien , they dont like worms !!!