VENTILSPIEL on 1st of october 2011

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plymouth valiant , my "racer" for some action at the new redbull ring in austria.
and the rolls roycer as the official pacecar for this event !
in the garage......and on the track !pacecar in front of the fastest ford falcon on earthor in front of a rare LMK 917
break at the pit stopand no brakes on the valiant after two turns à 25 minutes
emily in the wind...
...with other "toys" at our pit......and on the track againand the valiant meets friends at every turn
late 60ties barracuda and commodoreriley from the 30ties
...lotus in hands of a lady...and so on !
hope next year we get another chance to bring our toys to the redbull ring in styria to have the same fun as this year !!!
lets go there on 5th and 6th october...


great fun with one of my old japan toys at a classic car "race" some weeks front of a rare convertiblebehind the galaxieboth at a small break140 with the noise of 1million rpm !!!first day finish at "our" castle2011 without problems , and next year maybe with the nosback...