3 WHEELS are more than enough !!!

great fun for very small money ! Reliant ROBIN !
bought this "igelkiller" from a friend
and used it for some month to transport my body from A --> B !
4 zylinder engine
850 ccm
40 horsepower
and the best : 398 kilogramm !!!
runs like a beast and wins every race at the traffic light...

3 wheel motion is the standard package and not a airride option !!!
a little bit to fast at the corner and the door handle gets a flater style...
but for the absolutly kick it needs a rear engine !
typical - air for speed = 150 !

after this the local lamborghini dealer wanted "batmans assistant" for his wife !
i told him it would be better to give her a gallardo , because its easier to drive...

than i found another crazy guy who whants the "missingwheel" and this pic was made at the l(f)ast ride to 3wheelers new home...snifff...and NO , its no photoshop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!