Vienna Cruise 2006 - the 1st

at the end of september 2006 some guys planed a QUALITY than QUANTITY meeting for veedubs with style !
mr. david conklin from wanted to meet karl holubar during his europe trip . that was the start to organize a small meeting with cars they could get registered at this old school site .
only by phone or e-mail contact the owners of good cars get notice of this saturday afternoon event . they come from all over austria and had a lot of fun !!!

near vienna was the location for lining up bug , ghia , bus , type 3 and a sexy meyers manx !!!

about 50 cars find the place and all are wearing that what a lot of guys have on their wish-list .

bad thing : mr. conklin had big problems getting correct flights to europe and could not be here when all this nice cars are parked under the trees !!!
no problem david , if we all meet us 2007 again , we let you know...

<<<<<<<<<<----engine rear and water to the river---->>>>>>>>>>