long time ago for summer there must be a sunroof in the notch !
i fixed a new britax ragtop in the baltic blue type 3 .
i drive around some years with this big hole over my head .
best was to go to the meeting in the south of france and make some pics there for SUPER VW MAGAZINE

fun in the sun
on the beach
and on the sea

after this time with open roof the GULF-notch in race style turns heads !
here in sevenum 99' behind F.J.'s brown "christmas tree"but than comes the time when the stock engine was replaced to a 1776ccm and the speed on the highway was much more as with the 54 horsepower one .
also the noise over the head was much more than before . so i wanted to change the roof and bought a factory steelsunroof notch to cut down this rare option !
and after one afternoon...

...the story of the
NOSback begins !!!