yea , a new toy is in the garage !!! NO , not the fasty in the back...
its hard to own a opel , that renault built in france , sold also as nissan , with diesel engine , but its much better than any new volkswagen transporter with all their problems they have !!!

have a look at
for storys around Steve McSchlepp
the tow car with style !!!

get the news where it is ,
what car is in the back
which people
does he meet...

the most interesting part of the tow car are the wheels !!!
opel movano's have the same 5 lug pattern as , yes , as PORSCHE !!!
5 lug 130 mm , and 6.5 x 16" are standard , and there are 7 x 16" forged 928 wheels in the garage...they must be tested on the car soon...