after owning some beetles , ghias and buses
was this my absolutly first type 3 i bought nearly 20 years ago .
a 1964 seasand 1500 S notch in mint condition for about 360 euro !!!
with new tüv , new winter tires and a factory petrol heater behind the spare wheel as only the first 4 years of type 3's had this . ( heater hoses are fixed under the front fenders - trough the holes you can see on the pic )
after buying it gots a flatblack paint with brushed! ( not AIRbrushed ! ) flames and 6x14" homemade wheels .
some times later i painted the car in the garage original gulfblue from volkswagen .
also the wheels where changed to 5lug sprints that i covered with citroen DS hubcabs !!!
some years later when rust and technical problems stops driving the notch i gave it for free to a friend who "restores" the S model for his wife . thats the story why it was pink for his last days...
some weeks ago i got this pics from another friend who got a call from a car wrecker who tells him that he have a car like his old volkswagen for parting out . after taking some parts he made this two pics and send it to me never knowing that this notch was 1988 in my hands !
this are the only two pics that i have from the notch , but hope to find others from the eighties in my archiv...