miersch was allways a lindner.
and the lindner is restored now!!!

get the book and the story!!!


because everybody is speaking this days about this ugly homemade whatever DDR porsche 356 / berlin - rom lookalike.some guys speak about a " miersch " i think thats not one.
a guy from germany told me that mr. miersch was the man with the money behind three cars he let built.
he never built cars as he was a shoemaker. at the dresden university they make plans and also work on some details.
this is the only restored one:this old pic is from maybe......this one ore from number 3 ?as you can see on the pics are the doorhandle , the door itself and the line of the windows are the same.
DDR in the early 50ties was the leader for a lot of homemade cars.
the built "replicas" from volkswagen busses , porsches but not from beetles because they had with IFA cars their own volkswagen.
and with our "morsche" here in vienna we have great fun at car shows...